About Us

Wangarang Industries is a not-for-profit Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE), providing jobs and training for people with disabilities.

About Wangarang

Wangarang Industries is a not-for-profit Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE), based in Orange, established to provide a range of jobs and training for people with a variety of disabilities throughout the Central West region of NSW.

Wangarang is essentially a commercial business that provides real work in a supported environment for more than 125 people with a disability, many of whom would otherwise be unable to work. Our supported employees undertake a diverse range of jobs from straightforward to quite complex in a range of work settings from factory based to mobile work crews.

Wangarang offers a range of business and domestic services throughout Orange and the Central West, including:

  • Component assembly,
  • Document scanning,
  • Secure Document Destruction
  • Wine Bottle labelling,
  • Wine Bottle de-labelling
  • Commercial cleaning,
  • Mailing and packaging.
  • Return & Earn

Wangarang provide services to a large and diverse customer base ranging from individuals and small sole proprietor businesses through to large multinational corporations. In addition, Wangarang also provides Life Skills and Recreation, and one to one Social Support.

Life Skills and Recreation, & Social Support

Wangarang provides Life Skills and Recreational activities, and one to one Social Support. These programs aim to develop and maintain the participants’ ability to take part in community life and meaningful activities, enhance independence, provide opportunities for ongoing learning and development as well as developing and sustaining social interactions.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our values reflect our commitment to the way we approach all our interactions with the people we support and their families and carers, the work we undertake and the relationship we aspire to have with our external stakeholders and local communities.

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Our People

Wangarang Industries provides jobs and training for approximately one hundred and twenty five (125) people with a variety of intellectual and physical disabilities.

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