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Your purchasing power can be used to make a real change in the lives of people with a disability. One important way to achieve this is by purchasing products and services from an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) such as Wangarang.  Wangarang is a commercial business that provides real work in a supported environment for more than 125 people with a disability, many of whom would otherwise be unable to work.

Your decision to purchase products and/or services from Wangarang can contribute directly to services that support people in our community with a disability to find and retain a meaningful job.

People with a disability have the same right to the benefits of a job; the sense of purpose, the camaraderie, to earn an income and accumulate superannuation, just like the rest of the community.

The NSW Government has shown a strong commitment to supporting Australian Disability Enterprises and has made doing business with an ADE very Easy. Through the introduction of the “Ready, Willing and Able” initiative the NSW Government has introduced legislation that gives State Government Departments and Agencies an exemption to significant procurement requirements. These strategies are based on the significant economic and social benefits of engaging the services of an ADE .

In January 2010 NSW public sector procurement rules were changed to allow Departments and Agencies to buy goods and services from disability employment organisations without going to tender. The Public Sector Employment and Management (Goods and Services) Regulation 2010 permits NSW Government agencies to procure goods and services directly from disability employment organisations without the need for a competitive tender or to seek approval from the State Contracts Control Board.

By doing business with Wangarang, you can help to make a huge difference in the lives of some of our communities most vulnerable people by creating more job and training opportunities for people with a disability, and more sustainable jobs for those already working at Wangarang.