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General Businesses

Making a Real Difference

Your purchasing power can be used to make a real change in the lives of people with a disability. One important way to achieve this is by purchasing products and services from an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) such as Wangarang. Wangarang is a commercial business that provides real work in a supported environment for more than 125 people with a disability, many of whom would otherwise be unable to work.

Your decision to purchase products and/or services from Wangarang can contribute directly to services that support people in our community with a disability to find and retain meaningful employment.

People with a disability have the same right to the benefits of a job- the sense of purpose, the camaraderie, to earn an income and accumulate superannuation-as the rest of the community.

By doing business with Wangarang, you can add some real value to your next purchase. Satisfying and productive work is a key way to achieve ‘real inclusion’ for people with a disability and, by supporting Wangarang, you can help to make a huge difference in the lives of some of our communities most vulnerable people. By doing so you will not only receive quality products and services at a competitive price, you will be helping to create more jobs for people with a disability, and more sustainable jobs for those already working at Wangarang.