The Orange Women’s Shed

What is the Women's Shed?

The Women’s shed is a group designed to run in a similar fashion to the well established and well known “Men’s Shed”. We believe that this project is the first of its kind in NSW and runs with a trades based theme rather than the typical women’s activities like sewing and craft.

It provides women with access to classes and workshops on many life and trades based activities like working power tools, refuelling lawnmowers and maintaining general equipment used around the home and garden.  

The Aim

To offer a safe environment for all women, who have little to no support and want to learn new skills to enhance their independence.

“The Women’s Shed at Wangarang provides a regular meeting place to empower women by increasing their independence, building friendships and learning new skills in a safe and supported environment. 

Our Project

Wangarang has a large shed space behind our main work site currently used as storage space.  The area also has a number of large raised garden beds that could be utilised to grow vegetables and flowers. We have offered this shed and garden area to the Women’s shed group to undertake their regular activities. The shed is large enough to accommodate large groups, which will allow their project to grow without having to seek larger premises at some time in the future. The only issue is that our shed amenities are not completed.

Our project is to complete the installation of amenities within our shed at the rear of our existing buildings, so we can provide a workshop space for the Women’s Shed.

When the shed was erected, the amenities had all plumbing completed although the facilities were not installed. We are seeking support to help Wangarang complete works to the shed space so it has sufficient facilities for the Women’s Shed to partake in regular workshops and activities. This support would include the installation of a septic system, toilets, hand basins and water  faucets within the shed.

Wangarang will enclose areas of the shed to provide a secure and comfortable environment for the group to carry out their activities as well as lay an even shed floor surface and update the road access to provide all-weather access to the area.

By completing this work, it will allow Wangarang to provide a more permanent and larger workspace for the ongoing activities of the Women’s shed, who in turn are recognising and assisting women within our community with the support to live an independent lifestyle.

We also believe that a partnership with the Women’s shed will be of great benefit to a number of our supported employees who will be able to partake in workshops and classes to learn new skills and spend time in a safe friendly environment outside of their workplace.

If you would like to help support our Women’s Shed, contact Wangarang today.

Our Project Supporters

Wangarang has been a successful recipient of the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation’s grant round in 2016, with an amazing $50,000 granted toward the Women’s Shed facility upgrade.

Thank you to the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation for their support of our project.