The Orange Women’s Shed

What is the Women's Shed?

The Women’s shed is a group designed to run in a similar fashion to the well established and well known “Men’s Shed”. We believe that this project is the first of its kind in NSW and runs with a trades based theme rather than the typical women’s activities like sewing and craft.

It provides women with access to classes and workshops on many life and trades based activities like working power tools, refuelling lawnmowers and maintaining general equipment used around the home and garden.  

The Aim

To offer a safe environment for all women, who have little to no support and want to learn new skills to enhance their independence.

“The Women’s Shed at Wangarang provides a regular meeting place to empower women by increasing their independence, building friendships and learning new skills in a safe and supported environment.

If you would like to Join the Orange Woman’s Shed or help support this great initiative, Please get in touch today on or visit our facebook page orangewoman’s shed and send us a message.